The revolutionary STONED climbing hold system differs markedly from all existing artificial climbing holds. STONED consists of two unique components: Firstly, from hand-selected natural stones, which are checked by experienced climbers for fine hairline cracks, fissures, superimpositions and stability with certain standard and breaking load tests before each installation. Secondly, from a synthetic resin carrier plate whose composition and structure is subject to very special requirements and quality demands. These two materials in combination result in an almost indestructible foundation, which serves as a fastening platform as well as a tick-mark and difficulty display and provides a real “outdoor” feeling through the grippy and finely structured real rock climbing hold.

The patented STONED grip system ensures a new kind of haptic bouldering and climbing experience and allows for an individual increase in performance, which is reflected above all in situations on real rock. Only very special stone types are used which have proven to be reliable through special tests, experience and optical as well as mechanical properties. Each STONED climbing grip is unique and shows the sheer infinity of possibilities. It is a challenge and a training to get familiar with the system at the same time in order to increase a maximum individual performance and the greatest possible training increase or to increase your own bouldering and climbing amusement.

You can climb the StonedHolds in these climbing gyms: