The shape of a natural stone climbing hold determines the nature of the surfaces grip. There are different categories of climbing holds and steps : bars, pincers, handholds, pins, cracks, holes, fissures, hook, toe hook, etc

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Individual Look – Natural Stone Holds

Each shape of our natural stone climbing hold is individual. There are several processes involved, each stone has its own natural shape and the holds have to be tested for security reasons. The natural shape is either already existing due to different environmental influences (river, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, heat, cold) or it is beaten with a hammer and chisel. Afterwards, the natural stone climbing hold is proceeded again with a special machine, where we bring our stone climbing holds into shape. Sharp edges are removed, grip and undercuts are partially shaped.

Shaping natural climbing holds is a lot of fun. We are creating an already existing grippy surface. The task of our shapers is to work the surface of the stone in such a way that a true hand smoother emerges. Of course, any non-climber would bend his hands over his head if he saw what we call a hand smoother.
The shaping of every single Stoned Hold is intended to transport our love of the mountains. At any time and in any place – of course a climbing gym is a prerequisite. Discover Stoned Holds already shaped by us in our online shop or in our gallery. Or customize your natural stone climbing holds today!

Select between six different stone types including: granite, basalt, Sandstone, River Pebbles and rare Ruhpoldinger marble

What to discover in our Online-Shop?

Would you like to learn more about the security tests of our natural stone climbing holds? Or would you rather customize your first stone climbing holds in our lovingly designed online shop? Stone climbing holds offer professionals and amateurs real rock climbing funat any time of the year!